Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gun Laws

Recently there has been a tragedy involving the death of a 8 year old boy and a accident with a Uzi sub machine gun. The even occurred earlier in the week at a gun show in Connecticut when a young child was given a Uzi for practice. The father and the professional gun instructor where both present at them time and in the area watching the boy. What occurred was as the kid fired it the recoil from the weapon caused the gun to accidentally get fired into the boys head killing him.

Now it has gotten international attention law makers are trying create a law that will make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to fire a automatic weapon. I dont think this ia valid solution for this and to prevent it from occuring again. This is just a tragic accident which could have easily been avoided and a law does not need to be created for this.

With this people are trying to figure out who the blame for this belongs to. I do not know all the details from it and more likly then not neither do they. Some are saying the father needs to be charged in some form or another for this but i disagree on that. The blame should fall on to the gun instructure for not following proper safty procedures. He should have had his hands on the gun while the kid was fireing to stabilze the gun and prevent this and for his negligence the child died from it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Market Meltdown

Your Personalized Rate of Return reflecting account balance plus deposits, withdrawals and earnings from 02/09/2008 to 10/09/2008 is -42.856800%.

This is a copy and paste from my 401K statement after the days trading on Thursday with another large slide. Now personally this isn't so bad as i receive a 100% employer match for what i put into it so I'm still up about 7%. As well as that fact that i hadn't had the account for more then a month or two so the balance wasn't a significant amount. I stoped contributing to it about 4 weeks ago in anticipation of something fairly bad happening in the
market. I never expected it to be as bad as it currently is and i don't think it will stop dropping soon either.

This will hit the soon to retire within the next 2-3 years as if its sooner then that its a good idea to switch from a high volatility area such as stocks. And move them to a more secure though less likely to make any real gains area. Forcing some of these people to postpone retirement coupled with unemployment rates going over the half million market this quarter. These two will compond the situation with less jobs and more workers driving wages down. These are tough times ahead even for those not feeling it now that are renting but are thinking of owning a home. For once they finally try to they will be forced into coming up with and inexorably high down payment on the home and higher interest rates.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Failout Plan

Now I'm sure everyone by now has heard of the 700 Billion in US taxpayer money that will be used to bailout the large private banks in the US. But i was surprised when i talked to a few of my personal Friends that they had no idea what i was talking about when i made mention of it. Which is rather appalling and sad but ill go into that with some other post.

It seems the media is hailing this government decision as a god send and the economy is saved. But i think the solution is far to late in coming as I'm predicting the world wide economy will go into a depression. Lenders and Banks will be cautious about who they give loans to as well as the proposed government regulations that will be coming with this plan. So the golden age of the real estate market is over as there will be less potential buyers out there.

Now I'm not sure if the plan itself is bad to be perfectly honest. But the timing of it being so late it is basically a useless idea investor confidence has been utterly obliterated in the past few weeks as the markets have shown. But with the poor timing of the plan it is almost a certainty that the investment and the idea that the government will make the money back plus a little bit extra is flawed. The government is purchasing homes and investments at there inflated price that they were bought at, so once the market finally recovers the likely hood of there value being what it once was is also zero. This plan is just a waste of tax payer money at this point. I might be off on my estimate of how many taxpayers there are in the US but i used 100million as my estimate which with that it will cost each one a little over $7000 and that's no chump change right there. It almost appears that a better solution is a trickle up plan and if the government gave that 7000 to each taxpayer. It allows the people with the bad debts to pay off some of them and would possibly save the economy were the current one will not.

Monday, October 6, 2008

In the Begining

he main premise behind this blog is to allow myself to express my view's and thoughts on political issues. My view's wont be limited to just local politics but also National and Global. Recently this year with the presidential debate i actually took notice and got involved in understanding politics. This is partly to do with the economy and a MMO that i play which is the first to have a democratically elected Representatives to the developers.

With this i got drawn in and did some researching on my local politics and learned that i could have already ran for a State senate for my district. Which surprised me to say the least with the minimum age only being 18 to run.

I'm hoping that if i end up going far enough into a political career this blog with stand testament to my view points and act as a way to interact with the public. Politicians seem to be far removed from the everyday man and out of touch with them.