Saturday, March 19, 2011

Readers interested in their own unique domain

Just picked up a new domain name for my other blog at, though not yet activated as i just ordered it and havent yet setup the DNS settings. I can confirm that this deal works and the order totaled $1.18, just make sure to remove any of the extras that they try to add to the cart.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Polarity in US Politics

"a “conservative” may have “liberal” feelings toward protecting the environment, but feels instinctively that such a view can only go hand-in-hand with abortion on demand, a confiscatory tax code, softness on crime, and pacifism. Similarly, a “liberal” may find himself with “conservative” sentiments about the unborn’s right to life, but feel somehow that to give play to that inclination must necessarily also include support for profligate military spending, cavalier exploitation of the environment, and execution of the mentally incompetent (when the natural outcome of reactionary, polarized political assessments is seen in stark relief, its sheer absurdity becomes apparent)."  Source.

I was browsing around for some reading on Political Polarity and its effects on the political system in the US and i came across this, i can't put it in better words then his own.  The current political environment is a festering bog of ideologies which the mass media is more then happy to jump on board one direction or another simply to create a sensational story or headline.  Which further puts the parties and the people supporting the parties in juxtaposition and further feeding to the animosity.

I for one hold ideals from almost all areas of the political spectrum(Pro-Choice, less gun control, legalizing and taxing marijuana, removal of social welfare programs, smaller military, etc.) so when asked if I'm a republican or a democrat my reply is none.  But i also think that more people fall into this similar mindset as my own, though not necessarily the same stances on each subject.  But you will never see politicians openly admit to holding the same stance as someone from the "opposition".  I would like to hear some of my readers thoughts on this current state of the political parties in the US and if their views are more of a amalgam of stances and not the juxtaposed views of Repub and Dem's.