Monday, October 6, 2008

In the Begining

he main premise behind this blog is to allow myself to express my view's and thoughts on political issues. My view's wont be limited to just local politics but also National and Global. Recently this year with the presidential debate i actually took notice and got involved in understanding politics. This is partly to do with the economy and a MMO that i play which is the first to have a democratically elected Representatives to the developers.

With this i got drawn in and did some researching on my local politics and learned that i could have already ran for a State senate for my district. Which surprised me to say the least with the minimum age only being 18 to run.

I'm hoping that if i end up going far enough into a political career this blog with stand testament to my view points and act as a way to interact with the public. Politicians seem to be far removed from the everyday man and out of touch with them.

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